my little town

have i ever told you about my little town before? she’s a sweetheart called mount vernon, an hour north of seattle, in the skagit valley.

should you drive north on interstate 5 you can see as the valley unfolds and feel as you sink into it. to the left, west, is the water, to the right, the mountains. and in between lay the skagit flats. beautiful, rich farmland interrupted only by bumpy old farm roads, train tracks, and the river.

IMG_4410mount vernon proper is what inspired me tonight.

         i’m on a walk with jack (our adopted sheep herder / best friend we’ve ever had) and i sit here, whole-heartedly smitten with our little town like never before.

i wandered into my favorite brick courtyard where the space that fills my future business dreams can be found. it’s old, single-paned windows are what got me first, then i noticed the cream walls and exposed brick. she’s dear, to be certain.

         i sat and jack sniffed and then we walked around the corner. and that’s where i spotted this beauty, amazed to have never seen her before.

Version 2615 front street

          that dark, wood door with a mail slot and, you guessed it, a single paned window. so darling with coats and coats of old paint, too crooked to take a straight picture, she’s just timeless to me.

i stood out front and was reminded of my mom’s love for white linen sheets and nightgowns with pearl shell buttons. then, i realized that love is my own now, too. i can practically feel the fresh air from the windows and warmth of the sunlight shining through that stained glass. not to mention how 615 takes me right to tennessee, where my heart fills up with love.

it’s always the little things, and then it’s the way they add up, that gets me so.

IMG_4424up high on an old brick wall, this hummingbird is one of three.

this alley’s brick path was just resealed, so things were a bit dusty.

        like any place, mount vernon has it’s neglected and sometimes trashy side. but that fresh dust made me feel hopeful and excited for the future of this little town, and proud that i get to be a part of her story. it’s not fast-paced and change happens slowly, but it’s got a big heart and folks who care.

mount vernon is a tribute to what i believe life should be, for me and mine, anyway.

a time and a place where you grow your own food and supplement with food from the fields around you, work hard, and spend time honoring the earth and those you love.

despite the terrifying, heartbreaking things that go on each day all over this planet, i choose to see the beauty.

sometimes i think, what if we all chose to see the beauty? what if we all threw stress and anger and regret out the window and always chose to look brightly into the future and cherish the past. what if we all realized that this life is a gift wrapped in the most beautiful paper and tied with the sweetest bow, tailor made for each of us. just waiting on your doorstep every day, for you to consciously make the choice to add beauty to it, to lighten the darkness, little by little.



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